Better YouTube comments.

Comment Shark gives you tools to respond to your fans and engage with YouTube comments in a flexible, fun, and rewarding way.

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Using canned responses in comment shark

Comment Shark features that will help you.

Search YouTube comments with text and regex

Search comments super fast.

Search comment text (with regex support) quickly. Searching will also include commenter names!

Filter and sort YouTube comments.

Powerful sort + filter

Sort and filter your comments on virtually anything.

Sentiment analysis of YouTube comments, happy and sad comments.

Sentiment analysis.

Want to hide the haters? Easy. Don't even see their comments anymore.

Template and canned responses to YouTube comments.

Templated responses.

Use templated responses to quickly reply to your audience in a personal way - with built-in autocomplete!

Highlight top fans and best commenters.

Loyal fan highlighting.

Find out who your regular commenters are! Know how many times they've commented on your channel, and their rank.

Link youtube comments with a permanent link style.

Comment linking.

Directly link to comments on your channel!

Random YouTube comment picker for your channel.

Random comment picker.

Find a random comment, works with filters.

Screenshot tool for YouTube comments.

Screenshot comments.

One click of a button and you've got a screenshot of the comment. Handy.

Emoji picker tool for your YouTube comments

Emoji picker.

Quickly insert the right emoji as you type!

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YouTuber profile image


Mark Rosenfeld

350k+ subscribers

"Mate this is fantastic! Much better than other, well known Chrome plugins I've used. Fastest way to respond to the most comments means more engagement with my subscribers over less time. Have my team using this and they're loving it."

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